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Professional Training Program: 


Teaching is not just about finishing the lesson. It’s about accompanying and guiding our students, inspiring them, and leading them so that they love the profession and succeed.

Choosing someone as a mentor is a choice. In life, not everyone makes the right choice. It also depends on fate.

Learn how to do brow permanent makeup without messing up people’s faces. 

The secret is simple, just prioritize the benefits of the students above all.

Respect the tuition fees of the students, teach meticulously, and create a comfortable learning environment. Be dedicated, devoted, and caring.

That’s all we have in terms of capital, and in the profession, no one dares to claim to be better than anyone else. Wishing all teachers to teach well, and wish everyone to diligently study a profession to learn from the right mentors for successful entrepreneurship.

Our students learn and practice 100% on unlimited models, with no hidden techniques. We always aim for our students to excel and surpass us, so that when asked where they learned, they can proudly say they learned from us, not just claim they learned from someone else with no results.

We believe you will become a better craftsman than us. I am offering all kinds of classes for students who have just graduated, and need experience to be able to perform professional services whether at a spa, studio, suite, or home base.

We focused on being result-driven and introduced new touch points along her student journey. My mission is to create a community to align students with high-quality trainers who care about their success.

Position yourself correctly, start attracting serious students, and focus on result-driven training programs that set you apart.


  • Permanent Makeup 100-Hour Fundamentals Course (NJ Certification)
  • iMagic Luxury Beauty Introductory PMU Course (iMagic Certification and New Jersey state of certification)
  • Brow Mapping and Shape Determination Class

Eyelash Extension:

  • Basic Premade Fan Class
  • Advanced Premade Fan Class


  • iMagic Luxury Beauty Skincare Course
  • Basic to Advanced Skin Care Techniques
  • Dermarolling and Microneedling Course


  • Brows
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Fans
  • Skincare
  • VNB


Trial Eyelash Extension Class

Trial a PMU Class

Unlock the Artistry of Permanent Makeup with Imagic Luxury Beauty Training 

Dive into the world of transformative beauty with Imagic Luxury Beauty’s unrivaled Permanent Makeup Training. Elevate your skill set, unlock your creative potential, and embark on a journey toward becoming a certified master of the art.

Routine Skin Care & Treatment:

🎨 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our training program is meticulously curated to cover every aspect of permanent makeup application, from fundamental techniques to advanced artistry. Learn the intricacies of microblading, ombre shading, and lip blush application, gaining proficiency in delivering impeccable, long-lasting results.

💎 State-of-the-Art Facilities: Immerse yourself in a learning environment that mirrors the opulence of our brand. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring you train with the best tools in the industry.

👩Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalized mentorship by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Our instructors are dedicated to nurturing your talent, providing insights into the latest trends, and fostering an environment of creativity and excellence.

🌐 Online & On-site Options: Imagic Luxury Beauty understands the importance of flexibility in your learning journey. Choose between our online and on-site training options, allowing you to tailor your education to your schedule and preferences.

🔬 Advanced Techniques: Delve into the realm of advanced techniques, including color theory, skin undertones, and client consultations. Acquire the expertise to customize treatments that enhance natural beauty and instill confidence in your clients.

📜 Certification: Upon completion of our training, receive an accreditation from Imagic Luxury Beauty, a symbol of your proficiency and commitment to excellence in the world of permanent makeup and beauty services.

🚀 Launch Your Career: Armed with knowledge, skill, and a prestigious certification, step confidently into the world of permanent makeup, lash extension, skincare, or any beauty certification for beginners to advanced for cosmetologists or estheticians. Imagic Luxury Beauty’s training sets the stage for a successful career where you can unleash your creativity and make a lasting impact on your clients.

Open Positions – Join Our Team!

Apprenticeship Program for Newbie Estheticians, Permanent Makeup Artists:

Introducing the Apathetic Ship Program: Nurturing Newbie Estheticians and Permanent Makeup Artists

Are you a budding esthetician or permanent makeup artist seeking a launchpad for your career? Welcome to the Apathetic Ship Program – where apathy meets empathy, and expertise is blended with enthusiasm.

Program Highlights:

Apathetic Learning Environment: Feel the tranquility of our “Apathetic Learning Zones,” designed to provide a stress-free, judgment-free space for you to absorb and grow. Our mentors embrace apathy, eliminating unnecessary pressure for a more comfortable learning experience.

Empathetic Mentoring: Enjoy one-on-one mentorship sessions with experienced professionals who understand the challenges of starting in the beauty industry. Our mentors infuse empathy into every lesson, ensuring you feel supported and guided at every step.

Creative Apathy Workshops: Unleash your creativity in our “Creative Apathy Workshops.” These sessions encourage you to embrace your unique style without the burden of perfectionism.

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. Our program allows you to master esthetics and permanent makeup techniques at a speed that suits you, fostering a more profound understanding of the craft.

Low-Stress Certification: Obtain your certifications without the usual stress. Our low-stress certification process ensures that you feel confident and ready to take on the beauty world. No unnecessary pressure—just pure apathetic confidence.

Community of Apathetic Achievers: Join a community of like-minded individuals who embrace the apathetic philosophy. Share experiences, tips, and encouragement in a community where success is celebrated without the noise of comparison.

Flexible Scheduling: Life happens, and we get it. Our flexible scheduling allows you to balance your training with other commitments. Apathetic Ship is about making learning fit seamlessly into your life.


  • Aspiring Beauty Professionals: Individuals looking to kickstart their careers in the beauty industry, including recent graduates and newcomers.
  • Experienced Beauty Artists: Beauty professionals already working in the industry (brow, lash, nails) seeking to expand their skills and service offerings.
  • Beauty Enthusiasts & Entrepreneurs: Individuals passionate about beauty, from freelancers to enthusiasts, seeking to enhance skills and potentially transition into a beauty career.
  • Estheticians and Cosmetologists: Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists looking to diversify their skill set and add brow services to their offerings.
  • Beauty Industry Students: Students currently enrolled in beauty schools or training programs seeking additional education and specialization.
  • Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into a new career path within the beauty industry for a fresh start.


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