• Healed results will vary between each individual client based on skin type and condition, bone structure, health, immune system, metabolism, lifestyle, and the amount of existing hair.
  • This is a “low” maintenance treatment, not a “No” maintenance treatment. Using a pencil or powder may still be needed. Fading, blurring, or poor retention can still occur.
  • Touchup is a must for first-time clients to have optimal results.
  • A $200 deposit is required right after your appointment is booked for all new customers. We won’t accept your appointment until your deposit is sent. All existing customers may not need a deposit; however, if you are not showing up or have a last-minute cancellation, you will be marked as a NO show, and you will be charged extra for your upcoming appointment in the future.
  • All appointment deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferable to the same technician whom you booked before.
  • We require 3 days’ notice (72 hours) for permanent makeup and 2 days (48 hours) for eyelash extensions and facials if you decide to reschedule your appointment. Only 2 rescheduling is allowed.
  • Any no-show without notice will be charged 100% of the value of your appointment.
  • Pricing is subject to change at any given time without notice for brow correction.
  • Additional charges will apply to any additional changes for any corrected brows.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any service or fire a client at any time.
  • All services are non-refundable.


  • 72 hours (3 days) notice must be given for rescheduling an appointment in order to transfer your deposit. Last-minute cancellations for any reason will result in a lost deposit.

  • If you are using/have used Latisse or any form of lash growth serum on your brows or lashes within the last six months, please notify us immediately. You may be required to discontinue use and reschedule your appointment (this varies on the brand used and the frequency of use).

  • If you have ever had an allergic reaction to tattoo pigments in the past, please notify us immediately. A complimentary patch test may be required before your appointment.


Included follow-ups must be within 6-8 weeks from your first appointment. If you push your appointment out further than 6-8 weeks, it is no longer complimentary. The longer time passes from your first appointment without the included follow-up, the more fading occurs to any spots that would have been perfected at the included visit. Because of the additional fading, more work and time are required and is not complimentary.


If you do not show up to or cancel your included follow-up within 72 hours, it will be the normal touch-up cost to reschedule.


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