Brow Wax, Tint, Lamination


*Brow Wax:

When a customer’s brow is not perfect and requires ongoing care for hair regrowth, it’s often referred to as “brow care.” This involves a consistent effort to nurture and groom the eyebrows to achieve the desired shape, encourage hair growth, and ensure overall eyebrow health. If you have brow over plucked, threaded or simple hair grow very slow, we have option for you, just send us an DM with a picture of your bare brow with no pencil, we can surely help you. 

Discover the epitome of brow grooming at iMagic Luxury Beauty with our exquisite Brow Waxing services. Crafted for those who appreciate the allure of perfectly shaped brows, our skilled technicians blend precision with luxury, ensuring your brows are sculpted to perfection.

🌟 The Artistry of Brow Waxing

Brow Waxing at iMagic Luxury Beauty is a meticulous process designed to enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled technicians take the time to understand your unique facial features, tailoring the waxing experience to achieve the ideal brow shape that complements your style and persona.

🌟 What Brow Waxing at iMagic Luxury Beauty Offers:

Precision Shaping:

Experience the art of precise brow shaping, enhancing your facial symmetry and overall allure.

Effortless Hair Removal:

Our gentle and effective waxing techniques effortlessly remove unwanted hair, leaving your brows smooth and beautifully sculpted.

Personalized Consultation:

Enjoy a personalized consultation where our experts discuss your desired brow shape, ensuring your preferences are taken into consideration for a bespoke waxing experience.

🌟 For Whom is Brow Waxing Suitable?

  • Individuals seeking a well-defined and polished brow shape.
  • Those looking for a convenient and effective method of hair removal for their brows.

⏳ Duration and Longevity

Procedure Duration:

  • Experience the luxury of a quick and efficient Brow Waxing session tailored to your busy schedule.


  • Enjoy beautifully shaped brows that last for weeks, providing you with a hassle-free grooming experience.

🌟 Important Considerations

Brow Waxing at iMagic Luxury Beauty is conducted by our skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring a safe and exceptional experience. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult with our licensed practitioners, embracing a journey to brow perfection that is both secure and luxurious.

Elevate your brows to new levels of elegance with Brow Waxing at iMagic Luxury Beauty—where precision meets luxury for a sculpted and refined you! ✨

*Brow Lamination:

Brow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that involves setting and shaping the eyebrow hairs using a chemical solution. The process aims to create a fuller, more defined, and well-groomed appearance for the eyebrows. It typically includes the use of a lifting cream to shape the brows and a setting lotion to fix them in place. Tint will be applied if you desire darker brows and a more defined shape. It’s important to note that tint lasts longer on hair but only a few days on the skin. If your brow hair is light in color, tinting will noticeably darken it. However, on brows with darker hair, the tint may primarily stain the skin and not affect the hair color as much.

**Natural brow types suitable for brow lamination:**

  1. Sparse Brows: Brow lamination can help give the illusion of fuller brows by directing existing hairs into a more uniform shape.
  2. Unruly Brows: If your brow hairs grow in different directions, lamination can help align them for a neater look.
  3. Thin Brows: Lamination can make thin brows appear thicker by enhancing the volume and definition of existing hairs.

**Natural brow types that may not be suitable for brow lamination:**

  1. Extremely Short Brows: Brow lamination requires some length to effectively reshape the brows.
  2. Overly Thin Brows: If the brows are extremely thin, it may be challenging to achieve a natural-looking result without enough hair to work with.
  3. Sparse to the Point of Baldness: Brow lamination is most effective when there are enough existing brow hairs to manipulate. In cases of significant hair loss, other solutions like microblading may be considered.

Please send your bare brow picture to our hot line phone number our technician twill determine if brow lamination is suitable for your natural brow type and to discuss your desired outcome.

Step 1:

Your brow tech starts by cleansing the area, removing makeup, oils, and bacteria. They apply a relax cream to soften the brow hairs, making them pliable. Plastic wrap may be used to speed up this process.

Step 2:

After a few minutes, the relax cream is removed, and a setting cream (neutralizer) is applied. This sets the hair into its new shape. After another few minutes, the tech uses a spoolie to brush the hair into position.

Step 3: .

**Tint Application:** If desired, apply tint to darken the brows and enhance their definition. Consider the client’s hair color for optimal results.

Stray hairs may be tweezed, but waxing is not recommended due to the opened pores from the lamination process. Cutting is advised only for extremely long and out-of-place hairs to avoid an unnatural look.

Step 4:

To complete the process, a hydrating essence and keratin conditioner treatment are applied and sent home with the client.

*Brow Tint

Eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping our facial appearance. They not only convey expression but also provide a frame for the face. Over the years, various eyebrow trends have emerged. Today, most clients seek full, expressive, and well-defined eyebrows. This is especially true for individuals with thin or light eyebrows, particularly those with blonde hair. For such cases, eyebrow tinting offers an ideal solution. It can also address small gaps, thinness, or sparseness in eyebrows, and even conceal grey hairs.

At iMagic, we specialize in shaping and enhancing eyebrows of all kinds. Our goal is to preserve as much natural hair as possible, aiming for a full and natural look. We advise against waxing or over-cleaning the eyebrows to allow for optimal hair growth, enabling us to create the dream eyebrows you’ve always desired. Brow tinting enhances definition and fullness, shaping the brows to perfection.


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