Semi-Permanent Makeup

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What is Semi-permanent makeup?

It typically uses a small machine and ink to mimic cosmetics, most often for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color, resulting in markings on the face that resemble the application of specific makeup products. The prefix ‘semi-‘ indicates the short-term effects of these permanent makeup treatments, which usually last between one to three years, depending on the procedure. Since they are not entirely permanent, the treatments are most often described as ‘semi-permanent’ for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color.

Artist Level vs. Price

Tattooing is a serious procedure. Professional PMU (Permanent Makeup) artists, who have been properly trained, have undergone hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of education, practice, and experience to deliver the desired results.

Potential clients often ask, “Why does it cost so much?” First of all, we’re tattooing your face. How much is your face worth to you? Secondly, we possess a vast understanding of theory and technical skills necessary to avoid damaging your skin, putting you at risk of infection, and to create safe and beautiful lasting healed results.

At the end of the day, just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Seek quality, integrity, and value versus cost.

Pricing can also vary based on the artist’s experience and the overall client experience, which is why the entry-level price point is $350-400 and can go up to as much as $1800 (that’s the highest we have seen… but who knows).

Newer artists are driving the price down due to competition, but this is not an industry where cheaper is always better. It actually looks questionable unless you’re booking models for marketing, building a portfolio, or trade. (Always remember your face value if you’re running a promotion.)

We encourage you to do your research and choose an artist whose style you resonate with. Look for healed results. If you choose solely based on budget, you may end up regretting it, and it can cost multiple times more to remove or fix, not to mention the trauma.

Artist Levels:

  • New Students
  • Advanced Students
  • Junior Artist
  • Advanced Artist
  • Master: MS Ruby is a licensed instructor and permanent makeup artist in the state of New Jersey (USA), professionally trained with over a decade of esthetic experience. She has the skill set required to help you achieve your brow goals. Mastered in all techniques, she can create any type of brow you request or let her create one of the best looks based on your facial features, brow bone structure, or from what you already have but just need a professional enhancement. Prices for the master range from $600 to $750.
  • Price for correction ranges from $700 to $1,300.

Though you choose any artist, all our artists are experienced, meticulous, and committed. Our commitment is to maintain your appearance professionally. Our artists undergo training under the guidance of the headmaster, working diligently with love and passion. However, the process may take longer and require multiple sessions, ensuring results that won’t disappoint. All artists hold legal qualifications. To ensure natural results as desired, we collectively adjust everything based on your eyebrows. Please share a photo of your natural eyebrows so we can connect you with an artist who can achieve the expected results. Share a clear full-face photo, along with close-up shots of each brow-left and right-for reference.

What do you need to know before considering for a semi-permanent brows? 

In a world where every hair stylist, nail technician, skin care professional, and even doctors possess unique skills, work methods, styles, and varying years of experience, the same holds true for permanent makeup artists. Establishing trust is paramount. If you haven’t received a referral from friends or family, take the time to thoroughly explore our presence on all social media platforms. Familiarize yourself with our work before deciding to book an appointment with us.

I understand that many women consider getting permanent makeup done. Sometimes, they opt for a cheaper price, only to later realize they need someone else to fix their eyebrows or live with the dissatisfaction for the rest of their lives.

Remember, investing in quality work and professional expertise ensures your happiness and confidence in your appearance. Don’t settle for less when it comes to enhancing your beauty.

Choosing a brow artist is selecting someone with the same style and ideas as you. At IMagic, we prioritize natural beauty, and it’s a preference extended to all our clients. With almost 20 years of experience, we have witnessed corrections for various eyebrow tattoo mishaps, from overly bold to deeply engraved ink. We understand that there’s no perfection like natural beauty. Our goal is to craft a unique beauty, enhancing it to provide you with eyebrows as beautiful as your natural ones.

At IMagic, we retain all-natural hair whenever possible, maintaining and defining what you already have for the most natural and enduring look. By restoring what might have been lost due to excessive plucking or waxing, we create a shape that complements your facial features and requires minimal or no maintenance. This not only helps you save money, but instead of frequent waxing or threading every two or three weeks, you only need gentle plucking to maintain the shape. It’s a simple and cost-effective approach, isn’t it?

Ensure your eyebrow enhancement experience is optimal by conducting thorough research beforehand. Prior to posing questions or attending a consultation, acquaint yourself with pertinent information. Assess your artist’s portfolio, emphasizing well-healed results, symmetrical brow shapes, and styles that complement both facial features and brow bone structure.

Understanding the significance of healed results is paramount. While the initial post-procedure appearance lasts merely seven days, the healed outcome endures for months. This distinction is particularly crucial for individuals opting for hi, who may experience dissatisfaction once the brows have fully healed.

Determining the ideal brow style requires the expertise of experienced artists. At IMagic Brows, our approach is distinctive – we prioritize what is best for you based on factors such as your original brow, hair growth direction, skin type, tone, undertone, age, job, personality, and desired results. Our goal is to craft a look that not only enhances your appearance, making you appear more modern and fashionable, but also exuding confidence wherever you go and with whomever you meet.

The process of doing brows at our studio

Each brow will be meticulously pre-drawn by hand to provide our client with a preview of how it will appear once healed. What you observe is an accurate representation of the final result.

What Is the Most Important Part of the Brow Procedure: Eyeliners or Lips?

While each step in a brow permanent procedure is crucial, the choice of the right artist is paramount. Consider their experience, portfolio, client reviews, and adherence to safety and hygiene standards before making a decision. The most important part of a brow procedure is typically shaping, as it defines the overall appearance and enhances facial features.

If you are particular about your brows, communicate your preferences clearly to the artist. Opt for a professional who listens attentively, understands your aesthetic goals, and has a meticulous approach to customization. For precise and detailed brow work, choose a permanent makeup artist with a proven track record in creating natural-looking results, and pay special attention to detail plus customized outcomes. Look for someone skilled in intricate techniques and pay attention to client testimonials.

Who Needs a Semi-Permanent Brows?

As you know, brows are the frame of the face. You want that frame to be perfect, especially when you sleep and wake up with it. With a busy lifestyle, work, family, and kids, you have no time to enhance the frame of your face daily. That is why semi-permanent brows have become popular worldwide. Owning a pair of perfect brows not only saves you time but also changes your life. At iMagic Luxury Beauty, we can change your looks; your lifestyle will be changed.

Be confident to book an appointment with us if you have:

  • Extremely busy schedules.
  • Anyone seeking a confidence boost.
  • Uneven/Unruly eyebrows.
  • Sparse eyebrows.
  • Brows with no tail.
  • Scars or hair loss on brows.
  • Difficulty in drawing in brows accurately.
  • You work outdoors or have jobs that continually make you wet/sweat, such as trainers, swimmers, or other athletes. iMagic brows are an excellent option for individuals involved in sports or activities that may cause makeup to smudge. Enjoy sweat-proof and waterproof brows that stay in place during any activity.

Special Considerations:

Post-Chemotherapy Patients: Your brow hairs may fall out, but the remaining shadows will allow you to draw on them, significantly improving your appearance during treatment.

Mature Individuals and Those Dealing with Alopecia: We specialize in mastering a range of eyebrow trends, utilizing techniques tailored to suit both your brow condition and desired outcome. Our skilled technicians are adept at achieving a harmonious and well-defined look, expertly camouflaging imperfections while restoring your natural brow line with precision. Trust us to bring balance and enhance the beauty of your facial features.

Why choose iMagic for your semi-permanent makeup and beauty needs? 

For years, we have been helping countless clients boost their confidence with various semi-permanent eyebrow stylings, eyelash extensions, and skin treatments. We are passionate about what we do, understand exactly what our clients are looking for, and strive to deliver the best custom results for each individual.

Many of our clients come from referrals, having witnessed the transformation of their brows from their initial state to how they age over time. This showcases the consistency and quality of our work, reinforcing the trust and satisfaction our clients experience.

We take great pride in our services, establishing ourselves as one of the most trusted beauty studios in Central New Jersey. Our commitment extends to brows, lashes, skin, and overall beauty, positioning us as a reliable choice for luxury beauty services in town. Our work is an artistic fusion, seamlessly blending artistry with precise technique to create a harmonious and refined outcome.

In brow procedures, our technique focuses solely on the top layer of the skin using the Nano technique. As there’s no cutting involved, the risk of keloid formation is significantly minimized. “A beautiful pair of eyebrows is one that hugs the contours of the face. People around you will perceive a sense of friendliness and elegance, noticing the softness blended with a touch of sophistication when they look at you, and they’ll enjoy the view.

That’s why, at iMagic, our expertise in eyebrow shaping stands out. We value your outward appearance, striving to enhance your beauty, making you more captivating while staying true to yourself. That’s the first thing we consider when designing eyebrows for you. We believe that once the eyebrow shape is correctly defined on your face, whether bold or subtle, there’s no room for debate. All our clients appreciate it being bolder when they feel the eyebrow shape suits their face.

We believe everyone is unique, with distinct looks and preferences. Therefore, each of our customers needs a different eyebrow shape based on their facial structure, brow bone structure, forehead muscle, the amount of hair on the brow, eye shape, personality, job, lifestyle, and face shape. If you have a long face, we can adjust the eyebrows to make them appear shorter, while for a round face, we can elongate them through shaping, and so much more.

Creating the perfect eyebrow shape is an art, akin to painting a picture. It belongs to you, but we are the creators of it. We advise collaboration between you and us to create a beautiful masterpiece together.

For first-time clients unfamiliar with beauty procedures, especially those who have observed others with a “not what you want” brow, we prioritize ensuring your understanding of the process. We explain our techniques, offer options, and give you time to make an informed decision. Starting with a light color in the first session is recommended, allowing you 4-8 weeks to own and evaluate the new look.

Subsequent sessions offer the flexibility to go darker or adjust based on your comfort and preference. Through our expertise, we can effortlessly adjust the shade, thickness, or shape of your eyebrows to match your preferences. However, our preference is to enhance and add rather than subtract, ensuring a result that aligns with your desires and embodies our approach for first-time clients.

While you own your brow, we take pride in being the creators and caretakers. Our responsibility extends to ensuring your brow remains natural, maintaining its integrity even after 1, 2, or more years. If you choose not to continue the procedure, you’ll still have your own brow hair and unique shape, providing independence from a permanent commitment.

“If you’re familiar with our working style or referred by a friend or family member, quickly schedule an appointment to own beautiful eyebrows and save time every day. If you’re still unsure, we recommend taking the time to observe transformations on our social media platforms before deciding. Alternatively, you can book a consultation to address any questions you may have. During the appointment, we’ll sketch your eyebrows to show you the potential outcome before making a decision.



We aim for you to understand that your preferences and the actual needs of your eyebrows may differ. We specialize in the latest techniques, taking into account your natural eyebrows and desired outcome to suggest the most appropriate methods. This ensures a flawless result that aligns with your preferences and seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Feel free to explore the details of these techniques below to gain a better understanding.

Whether it’s a traditional or trending approach in the market, one thing is certain: styles come and go. What’s truly best is a style that looks natural and eliminates the need to draw on your eyebrows every day.

Let me know if you need further adjustments or have any more text that needs refining!

* Ombré Brow, Powder Brow, Microshading, etc. – All are the same 

It’s like your children; you name them just as we name our types of brow. We use a small machine, pen-sized, with a nano needle and shading technique to create a powder look, a powder brow technique designed to seamlessly cover any gaps in your brows. Our Ombré Brows achieve a soft and defined look, transitioning from a lighter shade at the start to a darker hue at the end. Using a specialized machine, we delicately shade and insert pigment into the skin’s first layer, gradually building up color and shaping a natural appearance.

This technique is versatile, suitable for various skin types, including oily or sensitive skin. Ideal candidates include those with soft hair throughout their brows or no hair at all.

Ombré brow or powder brow uses the same shading technique to create a powder look that covers spots of missing hair on your brow. Ombré brow is just the name of it; the brow appears light at the start of the brows and darkens towards the end, creating a defined and soft look at the same time. This brow technique uses a machine to shade and insert pigment into the skin’s first layer, gradually building up color and a defined shape that is darker at the end and lighter toward the front, resembling a pencil-drawn soft makeup brow. Suitable for most skin types, including oily or sensitive skin. Candidates who have soft hair throughout the entire brow or no hair at all are possible candidates for an ombré look. However, the ombré part, the lighter part at the front, will fade quicker than the rest of the brow, so mainly we create the ombré effect based on how you want to achieve. This will be discussed and drawn for you to look at during your consultation appointment.

Candidates who have dark-colored hair on their brow and it doesn’t spread throughout the brow but is located in the front, middle, or randomly different on both sides, it is impossible to make the ombré effect on those types of brows. However, as experienced professionals, we will explain and help you understand better and guide you to a look as natural as possible. Shape is the main creation for every brow type and technique to bring the natural look to your brow, and we are confidently sure that our creation will never disappoint you.

Ombré Brows can beautifully enhance your features. During your consultation, we discuss your preferences and create a personalized plan, considering that the lighter front part of the Ombré effect may fade quicker than the rest.

For individuals with dark-colored hair concentrated in specific areas of the brow, achieving the Ombré effect may be challenging. However, as seasoned professionals, we explain and guide you toward a naturally stunning look. Emphasizing the importance of shape in every brow type and technique, we are confident that our creations will exceed your expectations. Book a consultation to explore the possibilities and witness the artistry of natural-looking Ombré Brows.

* Combination Brow, Hybrid Brow, Combo Brow – All are the same

The Combination Brow, also known as Nano Combo Brows or Hybrid Brow, is a fusion of two techniques involving powder/shading and nano hair stroke or microblading. At iMagic, we embrace the latest techniques, incorporating nano hair replacement into microblading. In this process, nano hair strokes are strategically placed at the beginning and middle top of the brow, creating the illusion of natural eyebrow hairs. The powder effect is then applied to the tail and body of the brow, tailored to the individual’s brow condition, providing fullness and eliminating the need for daily drawing, as required in traditional Microblading. This technique is ideal for individuals with sparse eyebrow hair or those seeking a combination of a defined and natural look.


Microbladed eyebrows are one of the most challenging procedures to reverse due to the more aggressive pigment implantation method and the trauma caused by the microblade cuts. Not all clients who have undergone previous permanent makeup procedures are suitable candidates for refreshment. Sometimes, their past color is too saturated to achieve their desired look, whether it be softer, a different color, or just light hair strokes. A saturated brow will not hold color well.

Microblading originated in Asia over two decades ago and gained popularity in countries like Japan and China. It then spread to Europe and North America around the mid-2010s, becoming a widely sought-after semi-permanent makeup technique for eyebrow enhancement.

Microblading isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about confidence. If you’re looking for a boost in self-esteem and want to feel effortlessly beautiful, microblading can be the perfect solution.

When it comes to microblading, your design is limited. The strokes can never cross over each other, or you will create a scar in the skin, with each part of the scar splitting. Additionally, each stroke must be the same color from top to bottom, resulting in flat, 2D-looking hair strokes.

As we age, our brows may become thinner or lose their shape. Microblading offers a rejuvenating solution, adding a youthful lift to the face and beautifully framing the eyes.

Whether you’re a busy professional, someone dealing with specific eyebrow challenges, or simply seeking a confidence boost, semi-permanent brows at iMagic Luxury Beauty are designed to cater to your unique beauty needs. Experience the artistry, embrace the convenience, and reveal your most captivating self with our luxurious microblading services.

At iMagic Luxury Beauty, our commitment extends beyond transformation to empowering you with the knowledge and care your brows deserve. Please get to know us below and confidently book your appointment today. You won’t regret it.

*Nano Brow, the Newest Technique in the Brow Trend

What are Nano Brows?

Nano Brow, also known as nano blading or nano needling, has gained popularity for its precision and ability to create fine, realistic hair strokes. The technique involves using a nano-sized needle for more intricate details, resulting in a natural and defined brow appearance. The popularity of nano brows may be influenced by their effectiveness and the desire for a subtle, realistic look—an advanced blend of artistry and technology crafted for those in pursuit of ultimate eyebrow luxury.

Experience a journey where each stroke is a masterpiece, seamlessly merging technology with luxury at iMagic Luxury Beauty, where your brows deserve nothing short of enchanting perfection.

Using a pen-sized machine with a tiny nano-sized needle, pigment is deposited by scratching the top layer of skin with precision to craft natural-looking, crisp, fine hair strokes. It’s more than just enhancement; it’s the evolution of brow artistry.

Desire unparalleled precision and detail? Nanobrew is your answer. Based on the experiences of various clients with different skin types and tones, oily skin tends to blur healed nano strokes. To prevent this, we avoid placing nano-hair too closely together, as it mimics the appearance of real hair. For clients seeking more visible skin space between strokes, we strongly recommend opting for a nano combo brow for a more defined look.

Why are Nano Brows a better option than traditional microblading?

Unlike microblading, nano brows use a nanoneedle instead of a blade, making the technique less traumatic and longer-lasting on the skin. Microblading is done manually with a blade to create hair strokes, which can lead to scar tissue formation over time. Nano needles, used with a machine, create soft and thin hair strokes that blend with your natural eyebrow hairs for a more natural appearance.

With nano-brows, we can cross over strokes for a hyper-realistic effect and vary the darkness within the stroke to mimic natural hair. The possibilities are endless.

The procedure for your enchanting journey takes approximately 3–4 hours—much longer than other techniques. Revel in the luxury, as Nano Brows last an average of 12 to 24 months, depending on your skin and the desired darkness. Yearly refreshes keep your brows looking fresh.

Feel free to ask for further adjustments or clarifications!

*Combination Brow

It is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement that marries the finesse of Nano hair strokes with the allure of shading, resulting in brows that are both defined and fuller.

What is a Combination Brows?

A Combination Brows, often known as Combo Brows, is a symphony of techniques. It blends nano-realistic hair-like strokes at the front of the eyebrows with the subtlety of shading towards the tails. The result? A look that’s both polished and naturally voluminous.

Who is a Combination Brows For?

Wanting a Defined Look: For those desiring a well-defined and polished appearance, but still enjoying a hair look at the front that makes it look super natural, iMagic Combination Brows offer the precision of Nano hair strokes coupled with the soft shading effect. Perfect for different skin types, especially those with oily skin. The combination of nano strokes and shading anchors the pigment for long-lasting high definition beauty.

The Artistry of Combination Brow

  • Consultation: Envision your perfect brows in a consultation where desires and goals are discussed with our skilled technician.
  • Numbing: Experience comfort with a topical numbing cream, ensuring a painless procedure.
  • Mapping and Design: Craft your desired eyebrow shape, considering facial features and preferences.

Duration and Longevity

  • Duration of Procedure: A journey that takes around 2 to 3 hours – from consultation to the mesmerizing application of Combination Brows.

How Long Does It Last: Revel in elegance for 12 to 18 months on average. A touch-up keeps your brows perpetually captivating.

*Brow Enhancement

For those who have full eyebrows and only need to create the shape with a pro. By using our nano and shading techniques, we will lock in your natural shape with a powdery effect. The end result will look very professional and NATURAL with little to no maintenance. No more paying for waxing or threading. Simply pluck new hair that grows out of shape to keep the brows neat. Please note that if you choose to go with brow enhancement, you must have hair on your brow and a shape; all we do is enhance with a professional shape based on the shape you have.

* Brow Touch Up

Follow-up Touch Up

Annual Touchup: Most brows typically last from 1 to 3 years. Longevity is influenced by the amount of natural hair, with more hair leading to a longer-lasting effect. Natural hair color is permanent and remains so for a lifetime, except when it turns gray. Brows without tails may exhibit a lighter tail after a year, prompting an annual refresh to maintain color vibrancy for those who prefer avoiding pencils. Bare brows with minimal or no hair tend to fade more quickly, with color aging similarly across different skin types. Dry skin retains color longer, while oily skin experiences quicker fading, irrespective of the technique used. If you notice friends with brows showing an odd color or ashy shade, a gentle reminder about the need for a touch-up is often appreciated. Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and vibrancy of the brow color.

Additional Touch Up: We don’t know how the skin will react to the procedure or how it will heal. All permanent makeup will fade about 30% in the healing process; it is not meant to be as intense and bold as the day before. There are three key factors for good healing: quality of work, skin type, and an aftercare routine. The only one that cannot be controlled is the client’s skin and its reaction. Some clients have great retention, and others don’t. For those who have good retention, there is no need for any changes with aftercare. For the few who don’t retain color or strokes as well, we might need to make some adjustments in the aftercare. Besides retention, another great reason for a touch-up is to make any adjustments, whether it is to go thicker, darker, lighter, or change something about the shape. Think of this as a two-step process. They are definitely not finished after only one appointment. Most clients decide they want to go bolder or upgrade to a different procedure, such as combo brows, to intensify the results.

*Man Brows

We believe that sophistication transcends gender. We are proud to introduce our exclusive service, tailored for the discerning gentleman, Brow Magic for Men, where precision meets masculinity and every stroke is a testament to refinement.

Why Choose Brow Magic for Men?

Tailored Sophistication:

Experience a grooming journey crafted exclusively for men. Our Brow Magic service is attuned to the unique contours and expressions of masculine features, delivering tailored sophistication that complements your individual style.

Natural Enhancement:

Embrace the artistry of natural-looking brows. Brow Magic for Men enhances your eyebrows with subtle precision, maintaining a masculine aesthetic while addressing any sparse areas or unevenness.

Confidence Boost:

Your brows, your confidence. Our service is designed not just to groom but also to elevate your confidence. Well-groomed brows frame your face and enhance your overall appearance, leaving you ready to conquer any setting.

Effortless Maintenance:

The modern gentleman deserves grooming that fits seamlessly into his lifestyle. Brow Magic for Men offers an effortlessly maintained look, reducing the need for daily upkeep and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

The Brow Magic Experience

Personalized Consultation:

Begin your journey with a personalized consultation, where our skilled technicians understand your grooming goals and tailor the Brow Magic experience to your unique style.

Precision Design:

Craft a brow design that complements your facial features and expresses your individuality. Our technicians blend artistry with technique to achieve the perfect balance of refinement.

Gentle Application:

Enjoy a pain-free experience with gentle techniques designed for men. Our skilled professionals ensure precision without compromising your comfort.

Effortless Maintenance Tips:

Receive expert tips for effortless maintenance between visits, empowering you to maintain your refined look with ease.

Duration and Longevity

Efficient Time Management:

Brow Magic for Men respects your time, offering a service that is efficient and effective.

Long-Lasting Refinement:

Revel in the sophistication for weeks on end. Brow Magic for Men provides a long-lasting, refined look that withstands the test of time.

Discover Brow Magic for Men at iMagic Luxury Beauty

Elevate your grooming experience with Brow Magic for Men – where precision, sophistication, and masculinity unite. Book your appointment now and step into a world where your brows receive the luxury treatment they deserve.

*Color Lift (Brow Lightening, Removal):

Step into a world where your brows get a fresh canvas, courtesy of Tattoo Brow Color Lift—an avant-garde solution for those seeking a renewed and revitalized eyebrow experience. Whether correcting previous microblading, adjusting shapes, or bidding farewell to outdated styles, this cutting-edge procedure offers the promise of a fresh start.

The Artistry of Tattoo Brow Color Lift:

Using advanced techniques like laser technology and saline solutions, Tattoo Brow Color Lift gently lifts and fades pigments, allowing you to redefine your look with confidence. Ideal for those dissatisfied with current tattoos, experiencing fading, or seeking a style shift, this customizable solution promises a journey of precision and expertise. Say goodbye to the constraints of the past and embrace the freedom to redefine your brows. Discover the possibilities with Tattoo Brow Color Lift—a step towards a refreshed and revitalized you.

Common Procedures Under Tattoo Brow Color Lift:

Laser Tattoo Removal: Break down pigments with precision using advanced laser technology. Multiple sessions may be required for complete removal, depending on factors such as size, color, and pigment depth.

Saline Solution Removal: Lift pigments from the skin using a gentle saline solution. Similar to laser removal, multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal results.

Microblading Correction: For unsatisfactory microblading results or the need for correction, skilled technicians perform touch-ups or adjustments to achieve the desired look.

*For Whom Is Tattoo or Microblading Removal Suitable?

Individuals are unhappy with the results of their eyebrow tattoos or microblading.

Those experiencing fading or changes in the color of their eyebrow tattoos over time.

Individuals with a change in preference regarding eyebrow shape or style.

Duration and Longevity Procedure Duration

Varies based on factors like tattoo size and removal method, with sessions ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.


It depends on the method used and individual factors. Multiple sessions may be required, and complete removal may not always be possible.

Important Considerations Procedures for tattoo or microblading removal should be performed by trained and experienced professionals to minimize the risk of complications. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult with our licensed practitioners, ensuring your journey to brow transformation is safe and exceptional.

Embark on the path to brow renewal with Tattoo Brow Color Lift at iMagic Luxury Beauty—where precision meets artistry for a refreshed and revitalized you!

*Brow Cover-Up

Step into the world of brow transformations with Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up at iMagic Luxury Beauty, an exclusive solution designed for those seeking to redefine and enhance their eyebrow aesthetic. Whether concealing previous microblading, adjusting shapes, or simply opting for a style refresh, this innovative procedure is your key to a renewed and captivating brow allure.

The Magic of Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up Using advanced techniques and precision artistry, Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up expertly conceals and redefines pigments, giving you the confidence to shape your look with flair. Ideal for those looking to mask existing tattoos, enhance faded hues, or embark on a personalized style journey, this customizable solution promises a path guided by skillful hands and refined expertise.

Bid farewell to brow concerns and embrace the canvas to redefine your brows. Discover the possibilities with Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up—a transformative step towards a renewed and confident you.

  • Common Procedures Under Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up Color Enhancement: Elevate your brow’s natural beauty with color enhancement, bringing out your unique style and personality.

Shape Refinement: Craft the perfect eyebrow shape that complements your facial features, achieving a harmonious and balanced look.

Microblading Adjustment: For those seeking microblading adjustments or corrections, our skilled technicians perform touch-ups with precision and care.

  • For Whom Is Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up Suitable?
  • Individuals dissatisfied with current eyebrow tattoos or microblading results.

Those experiencing fading or changes in the color of their eyebrow tattoos over time.

Individuals looking to refresh their style with a personalized and refined eyebrow aesthetic.

  • Duration and Longevity Procedure Duration:

Varies based on individual needs, with sessions tailored for efficient and effective results.


Enjoy renewed brow allure that lasts, with results that stand the test of time and enhance your natural beauty.

Important Considerations At iMagic Luxury Beauty:

Our tattoo, eyebrow, and color cover up procedures are conducted by trained and experienced professionals, ensuring a safe and exceptional journey. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult with our licensed practitioners, unlocking a path to brow transformation that is both secure and exceptional.

Elevate your brows to new heights with Tattoo Brow Color Cover-Up at iMagic Luxury Beauty—where precision meets artistry for a renewed and confident you!

*Brow Correction:

We find immense joy in restoring the natural beauty of eyebrows, especially when faced with frustrating and challenging situations. At iMagic Luxury Beauty, we believe in the art of saving brows that have been compromised due to various reasons, such as inadequate training or seeking cheap alternatives.

Our skilled technicians not only enjoy crafting unique brows but also excel in correcting uneven shapes and transforming them into expressions of beauty. Whether it’s correcting past saturated colors or refining shapes and hues, we’re here to provide exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Please note that achieving perfect results may require multiple sessions, and in some cases, it may take up to a year or two to fully restore brows to the iMagicbrows style.

Brow Shape Correction: Experience a transformative journey at iMagic Luxury Beauty, where we specialize in Brow Shape Correction. Rediscover your natural beauty with precision and artistry as our skilled technicians analyze your features to create refined, balanced brows that complement your individual style. Trust our trained professionals for a safe and exceptional experience, ensuring the best results on your path to brow perfection. Schedule a consultation for accurate and up-to-date information.

Shape and Color Correction: Embark on a transformative journey with Shape and Color Correction at iMagic Luxury Beauty – an exclusive solution tailored for those seeking to achieve the perfect balance of brow symmetry and color vibrancy. Whether refining shapes, adjusting hues, or sculpting the ideal arch, our experts are here to craft a personalized brow allure that harmonizes flawlessly with your unique features.

The Artistry of Shape and Color Correction: Shape and Color Correction at iMagic Luxury Beauty is a fusion of artistry and precision. Our skilled technicians expertly analyze your facial features, considering your individual style preferences. Through meticulous adjustments to both shape and color, we enhance your natural beauty, creating brows that not only frame your face elegantly but also radiate the perfect hue.

Common Procedures Under Shape and Color Correction: 

  • Symmetry Enhancement: Achieve balanced and symmetrical brows that bring out your natural beauty and highlight your unique features.
  • Color Harmonization: Tailor the color of your brows to complement your skin tone and hair color, ensuring a seamless and natural look.
  • Shape Refinement: Craft the perfect arch and shape that suits your facial structure, enhancing your overall expression and allure.

For Whom is Shape and Color Correction Suitable?

Individuals seek a harmonious balance between their brow shape and color for a more polished and flattering look. Those desiring a personalized and refined brow aesthetic that complements their facial features seamlessly.

Duration and Longevity: Procedure Duration: Tailored for efficiency, Shape and Color Correction sessions vary based on individual needs, ensuring a seamless and effective experience.

Longevity: Enjoy a refined and perfectly colored brow allure that lasts, enhancing your natural beauty for weeks on end.

Important Considerations: Shape and Color Correction procedures at iMagic Luxury Beauty are conducted by trained and experienced professionals, ensuring a safe and exceptional journey. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult with our licensed practitioners, unlocking a path to brow perfection that is both secure and exceptional.

Elevate your brows to new heights with Shape and Color Correction at iMagic Luxury Beauty – where precision meets artistry for a harmonized and radiant you!

Pricing Reference: Confidently book your brow correction and leave the decisions up to our brow master, Ruby. She will discuss this with you, and both will make decisions based on your current brow situation. All steps will be explained clearly to ensure you fully understand. We prefer honesty over promising you something that may not come true. You will be satisfied with a bundle of knowledge our master provides.

Uneven Brow Shape: If you are looking for a specific type of look for your brow, book your appointment with our master artist or those who are experts in correcting shape. Your brows will be individually customized by determining the best technique and shape for your face to make you look your best. This option is best suited for people who desire a very specific look or for those who have an imbalance in their facial structure.

Cover-up Work (Correction Brow): Appropriate for clients who recently had their brows done elsewhere and are not satisfied with the shape and/or color. Multiple sessions will be needed to correct your brows and achieve your desired look. After booking this service, please send us a picture of your current brows with no makeup. This will allow our brow expert to evaluate what corrective method will need to be performed. Prices will vary depending on the condition of the brows. Prices will vary from $900.



What do you need to know about the process of getting eyeliner?

The process of obtaining permanent eyeliner involves several essential steps. First and foremost is the initial consultation, where you engage in a detailed discussion about your preferred eyeliner style, thickness, and overall look with a professional. This consultation includes an assessment of drawing eyeliner based on your eye shape and eyelid, discussing color based on skin, hair color, eye color, and personal preferences.

On the day of the procedure:

To ensure your comfort during the procedure, the next step is numbing. A topical numbing agent is carefully applied to the eyelids. Following this, the design phase begins, during which the technician skillfully draws the eyeliner shape on your eyelids. This allows you to review and make adjustments until you are satisfied with the proposed look.

Moving on to the actual pigment application, the technician utilizes a specialized tool to carefully implant pigment along the lash line. This step may involve multiple passes to achieve the desired color intensity. At this moment, the numbing cream is already absorbed, and you won’t feel anything but the sound of the machine, a very soft noise not like the sound you experienced at the dentist.

After the application, a crucial aspect is the healing process. While some swelling or redness may occur initially, these symptoms typically subside within a few hours. Sometimes, swelling may occur the next day; please refer to eyeliner aftercare for care instructions.

Finally,a follow-up appointment is often scheduled after 3-6 weeks. This session is designed to address any areas that may need additional pigment or refinement. Throughout this entire process, effective communication with your technician is paramount to ensuring that your preferences are clearly understood, resulting in a final eyeliner look that aligns with your expectations.


▪️ Customers with small eyes, and sparse eyelashes, appear dull and lacking vitality.

▪️ Those with blurred eye lines and uneven eyelid borders.

▪️ Customers facing difficulties in applying eyeliner or being makeup enthusiasts.

▪️ Especially for those who have previously had eyeliner tattooing and experienced greenish discoloration.

– Eyeliner tattooing is a meticulous technique, utilizing an ultra-thin needle tip to deliver ink into the upper epidermis of the eyelid. Although it may sound simple, the eyelid area is sensitive, requiring skilled and experienced practitioners to control the needle and deposit ink into the correct skin layer without causing harm to the eyes.



▪️ Provides you with sharp, charming, and deep eyes.

▪️ Maintains effectiveness for an extended period.

▪️ Minimizes the time spent on makeup.

Lip Color

Who doesn’t love a great soft lip blush tattoo?! I’ve been doing lips for as long as I’ve been doing brows. I’ve been collecting techniques over the years to be able to give my clients lips that are natural-looking, age-appropriate, and sexy all in one!!

The lip procedure typically requires multiple sessions, ranging from 1 to 4, especially for extremely dark lips. Natural lip tones may need just one session, while darker tones often require multiple sessions based on the desired result and the darkness of the lip. We begin by identifying your lip tone and selecting different colors for each area.

To enhance lip regeneration, we recommend plasma lip rejuvenation a month before the lip procedure to achieve the desired result. Neutralization is applied to areas with hyperpigmentation, preparing for the next session with an even tone to achieve the final look. Our goal is to create an even-toned lip with a natural touch of color, providing a natural-looking appearance similar to a lip gloss.

After the procedure, you’ll wake up with naturally beautiful lips, eliminating the need for daily lip color application or reapplying after meals or water activities. You’ll be delighted to discard your lipsticks and enjoy your favorite lip color effortlessly every day. If desired, you can still apply a darker lipstick tone on top of your natural lip color anytime you wish.


Before and Aftercare Instructions

Brow Aftercare

Swelling and redness are normal right after the procedure.

Please contact Ruby at 201.388.2733 if increased redness, a red ring, or rashes appear.


Day 1: Constantly check for any clear fluid; wipe it off with a Q-tip before applying the cream.

Day 2: Keep eyebrows moist by applying cream 3-4 times a day.

Day 3: Keeping brows moist will prevent them from drying out and cracking.

Day 4: Brows may start to dry out and flake. Gently apply cream, or leave them to dry so they won’t come off.

Day 5: The fronts and ends of the eyebrows may start to peel. Do not panic. Do not peel it off; let it naturally fall off. By now, you can apply A&D. Do not apply A&D cream if you notice flaking coming off on the Q-tip.

Day 6: Eyebrows are dry and starting to peel off. Don’t be nervous if they begin to peel. Apply cream to soften the dryness if you want it to peel the next day.

Day 7: You can wash your face and shower normally. Any excess dryness will come off when wet.

Congratulations, your 7-day healing process is over. Continue to apply A&D at bedtime for one more week. The color will appear more natural once the skin is completely healed.


You can shower on the first, second, and third days using a face shield and/or apply an extra amount of A&D before showering; wipe off after the shower.

Use a paper towel to dry the brows by tapping on them after showering, and reapply a very thin layer of A&D cream.

Shower with your back to the water.

You can apply A&D cream as many times as needed, usually 3 times a day (a very thin layer).


Do not use any type of oils, lotions, or creams except the A&D ointment we have provided.

Don’t apply too much A&D cream; a thick layer will trap moisture.

Do not sleep face down for the first few days.

Do not drink a lot of water for the first 5 days. 1-2 bottles of water are fine, 7-8 bottles are too much.

Do not touch or scratch your brows, especially at night during sleep, and especially on days 4 and 5 when it starts to get itchy. Ruby suggests using tape on your forehead as an alert about your new brows.


The descriptions for Days 1-7 provide a clear idea of what to expect each day, including the potential for itching, peeling, and changes in color and definition.


Please apply cream every day to ensure the skin stays moist.

The color may have peeled, but the skin is still healing. True colors will show once the skin is completely healed, approximately 3-4 weeks later.

If you pay attention, you might be surprised to see your brows turn darker and look more natural.

A touch-up may be needed if you want them to be darker, more defined, wider, longer, or even smaller. This is the time to ask your artist for any adjustments.

A follow-up touch-up isn’t needed if you’re happy with how it healed. However, we would love for you to send us a picture of your healed brows to 201.388.2733 so we can check if a follow-up touch-up is necessary.

You can shower on the second and third days using a face shield and/or apply an extra amount of A&D before showering; wipe off after.

Use a paper towel to dry the brows by tapping on them after showering, then apply A&D.

Face your back to the shower.

You can apply A&D cream as many times as needed (a very thin layer).

You can temporarily use a brow pencil to fill in any healed light spots. A follow-up touch-up will fix these problems.

Please ensure you have your follow-up touch-up scheduled within 4-6 weeks. The follow-up touch-up will be charged at $75 for all brow types. The follow-up touch-up needs to be done within 4-8 weeks from the first session day. If you wait more than 8 weeks, please contact us.

Brow Before-Care

  1. Shower and wash your hair beforehand, as you will not be able to get your brows wet while shampooing your hair in the shower.
  2. Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.
  3. Avoid caffeine on the day of your appointment.
  4. Stop taking ibuprofen, aspirin, niacin, and fish oil supplements at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, as they can thin your blood. You may take your daily medications as usual unless they are blood thinners.
  5. Avoid spending a full day under the sun and tanning for a week prior to your appointment.
  6. Do not get Botox or fillers near the brow area 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
  7. If you are using any kind of skin lightening or peeling products, or retinol, please let us know.
  8. Makeup can be worn to your appointment, but the forehead area will be wiped with alcohol.
  9. Bring photos of brows that you wish to emulate in terms of color and shape.
  10. Your appointment will take between 2 to 3 hours for a correction. Please ensure you schedule enough time in your day for your brow session. Our best work is achieved when we have the full duration of time for your appointment, and we do not want to rush our work.
  11. You may want to bring your own pillow for your back if you have a back problem and need it.
  12. First-time clients: Brows will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes; bottom eyeliner will take 1 hour and 30 minutes; top eyeliner will take 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours for thicker lines; eyelash extensions will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  13. If you have diabetes, we will need a doctor’s note confirming that your blood sugar is under control.
  14. You must not be pregnant.
  15. You must be 18 years or older.

Please don’t get nervous; I won’t proceed with anything until you approve the brow shape I’ve drawn.

The procedure won’t hurt, but I will also use numbing cream to ensure you are fully comfortable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


For the first 2 weeks of healing:

  • DO NOT touch the brows with your fingers unless washing.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • No working out (to avoid heavy sweating).
  • No swimming underwater.
  • Avoid steam rooms or saunas (try to take cool showers instead).
  • Do not apply foundation or ANY makeup on or around the brow area.

*You CAN get your brows wet in the shower; once out of the shower, pat them dry and apply your regular ointment.

Eyeliner Aftercare

  1. Apply a VERY THIN layer of the aftercare ointment you are going home with.

*If taking Arnica, place 5 pellets under the tongue 5 times a day for 7 days if any swelling occurs. Use ice for 10 minutes on and 30 minutes off if possible and if swelling occurs.

  1. Continue to apply the ointment morning and night, or 2 to 3 times throughout the day; this routine should be continued daily for 1 week. Always be gentle when caring for the liner; do not scrub or exfoliate.


For the first week of healing:

– DO NOT touch the area with your fingers, unless washing.

– No swimming underwater, on the beach, or pool. You are allowed to be in the pool without getting your eyes wet.

– No steam rooms or saunas (try to take cool showers).

– After ONE week, you can wear eye makeup, including mascara.

*You CAN get your eyes wet in the shower; pat dry once out of the shower and apply your regular ointment at bedtime. The color may not fully set in one week, but it will once the skin is fully healed. Please book a follow-up touch-up if the desired color hasn’t been achieved.

Lip Aftercare

Day 1:

Immediately after the treatment, slight swelling may occur. An ice bag can be applied when you get home to reduce swelling. Use it for 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off.

It’s normal to feel tenderness, numbness, or have the sensation that your lips are very big.

The color will appear much darker/brighter than the one you chose.

Eat pineapples or drink pineapple juice for quicker healing.

Use straws for any kind of drink.

Eat non-liquid foods for the first 3 days.

Day 2:

Apply a small amount of A&D ointment using a Q-tip 3-4 times a day. Keep lips moist at all times.

Day 3:

If small blisters appear, Zovirax cream can be used. You may feel and see lips starting to dry out and begin to peel. All of the dryness will peel by the end of day 3.

Continue to keep your lips moist at all times using A&D cream after lips have peeled.


– Do not kiss.

– Do not eat liquid foods for the first 3 days after the procedure.

– Do not lick/bite your lips.

– Avoid direct sun exposure to the lips.

– Avoid wearing lipstick or plumping gloss.

Please do not worry if you lose color after the first few weeks, as you can lose up to 60% in the first session.


First-time clients: Lip blush may require more than 1 follow-up session, each session will have an additional cost of $100 and must be within six weeks. For dark lips, which require neutralization, 2-3 sessions may be needed to achieve final results.

Please ensure your follow-up touch-up appointment is scheduled right before you leave and must be after 5-6 weeks but not later than 6-7 weeks to consider the follow-up touch-up cost of $100.

Thank you for allowing us to enhance your beauty.


– For the first few hours, try to talk a lot to help get rid of the numbness from the cream more quickly.

– After 6 hours, apply cream. Initially, you will want to eat dry foods of any kind but keep them dry.

– Do not wet your lips for 6 hours.

– Avoid eating seafood, shrimps, and crabs that may cause itching.

– Drink a lot of water after 2 days.

– Eat a lot of fruit and pineapple.

– After 24 hours, you may see your lips start to dry, appear darker, and be ready to flake off.

– Use Cetaphil or a gentle skin cleanser (alternative cleansers to Cetaphil must be approved by your artist) to wash your liner 3 hours after your appointment. Rinse & pat dry with a paper towel, then apply a VERY THIN layer of the recommended aftercare ointment.

*If taking Arnica, place 5 pellets under the tongue 5 times a day for 7 days or until swelling subsides.

– Continue washing your lips (as instructed above) morning and night, and moisturizing 4-6 times throughout the day; this is to be continued daily for 4 weeks. Always be gentle when caring for your lips; do not scrub or exfoliate.

For the first week, drink all liquids out of a straw and avoid spicy foods.


For the first 4 weeks of healing:

– DO NOT touch your lips with your fingers, unless washing.

– Avoid sun exposure.

– No working out (to prevent heavy sweating).

– No swimming underwater.

– No steam rooms or saunas (try to take cool showers).

*You CAN get your lips wet in the shower; pat dry once out of the shower and apply your regular ointment.

Lip Prep


📣Before undergoing cosmetic Lips Blush or neutralize please read the following advice:

📌If u have ever had a history of cold sore, even if u had it once in your life or since you were a child you will more then likely break out. Please contact your doctor for valtex take it before, during, and after procedure day.This will help to prevent the appearance of blisters

📌please don’t forget to ask your doctor for Lysine, valtrex take a tablets before, during &after procedure. This will prevent blister if you have had experienced a cold sore previously.

✅Drink a lot of water and keep your lips moist for a few days before the appointment

📌Please note:

If your lips are dry, we cannot perform the procedure. A reschedule will be necessary if your lips are dry, and your deposit will be forfeited. It is best to exfoliate your lips at least 5 days before your appointment to remove any dry skin. Purchase a lip scrub or make your own by mixing coconut oil and brown sugar. The week before your appointment, moisturize your lips as much as possible to keep them in good condition.

➡️Stop take Aspirin, Ibuprofen or any blood thinners 24h before your appointment

➡️Do not discontinue any important medications before consulting with your doctor.

➡️Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment

➡️Shower and brush your teeth before your appointment as you don’t want to shower the day after

➡️Besure to have a full meal before coming to your appointment

➡️Do not wear lip stick but lip moisturizer and bring your favorite lip color to show us

⭐️For more information, please contact 201-388-2733

*Understand that fever blisters/cold sores are a very common side effect of lip tattooing, but ONLY if you have had them in the past. Lip tattooing will not cause fever blisters/cold sores if you’ve never had any. We strongly suggest getting your doctor or dentist to prescribe an oral medication such as Valtrex prior to any lip procedures.

*If you ever suffered from fever blisters/cold sores, you need to take Valtrex 2 days prior procedure, on the day of the procedure and 2 days after the procedure.

*If you have had any type of lip surgery, consult with your physician about how long you should wait before having a permanent makeup procedure on the lips. Most physicians are giving a 3 week “ok” after lip filler injections like collagen or Restylane.

*If the lip surgery involves an incision (such as with a lip implant), the incision needs to mature a minimum of 6 months before tattooing on top of it.

*If you are required to take an antibiotic pre-med before dental treatments, you should consult with your doctor and take it before any permanent makeup lip procedure.

*For best numbing and color results, gently exfoliate your lips daily for a week before with a sugar scrub (can be made easily with sugar granules and honey.)

*ARNICA IS AMAZING TO KEEP SWELLING AND BRUISING AWAY! You can purchase Arnica homeopathic tablets and take them as directed. We recommend 5 tablets under your tongue 3 times a day every day for 10 days prior to your procedure. Continue this for 10 days after. It really works wonders!

Brow Prep

Please refer to our ‘Policy’ pages to learn more about our policies

*You absolutely MUST be at least 18 years of age. Providing a valid, un-expired ID will be required at the beginning of your appointment.

*You CANNOT be pregnant during any tattoo procedures.

*If you are not pregnant but are currently nursing, please notify our scheduling coordinator right away.

*Please try to grow as much of your own natural eyebrow hair as possible (no matter how unruly they seem) so we have more natural hair to work with.

Your brows will be shaped perfectly with your approval and unnecessary hair will be waxed.

*No Aspirin, Advil, alcohol or any other blood thinners at least 48 hours before your appointment

(if you are required to take a blood thinner by your doctor, please contact us).

*If you choose not to let your brow hair grow out, do not tweeze, wax or thread brows for a minimum of 4 days before your appointment.

*It is required to wait at least a week after your appointment before continuing with your normal waxing, tweezing, or threading.

*If you dye your brow hair regularly, it is required to hold off for at least 4 weeks after your appointment to allow your brows to FULLY heal.

*Electrolysis should not be done for at least one week prior to your appointment.

*Wear your normal makeup to the procedure, with the exception of foundation.

*It is recommended to avoid caffeine the day of your appointment as it may make it difficult for you to remain still.

*It is recommended that you eat at least a few hours before your appointment. Coming in on an empty stomach may cause low blood sugar while getting tattooed.

*No heavy perfume before your appointment. We are a small studio and other clients being tattooed may be very sensitive to strong scents.

*After brows are healed, wearing foundation near or over your brows will cause a concealer affect to your brow color, making the color look different than intended.

Try and avoid skin colored foundation over your tattooed brows.

*If you have had botox done in the past 3 months, please notify our scheduling coordinator to set up an in-person consultation with your artist. Botox hi the face and some treatments may have to completely wear off before moving forward with your appointment

(this is not always the case).

For Hairstrokes:

If you have more oily skin and/or larger pores, it is recommended that you have a powder brow done.

If you choose to move forward with hairstrokes, it is very possible that your hairstrokes will slightly blur together in the future. This may require a soft powder brow and/or a lightening session to be done in the future.

Please note that artist recommendations are strictly professional opinions and we cannot predict exactly how pigment will hold and react in your skin over time. You can see the difference between powder brows and hairstrokes through our artist’s online portfolios.

For further information regarding this, we recommend a phone consultation or complimentary in person consultation.

Eyeliner aftercare

Day 1: You’ll love your new eyeliner!

Your eyeliner color is approximately 30% darker than it will be when it’s healed. It will also appear slightly larger than it will heal in just a few days. This is due to color oxidation as well as a small amount of swelling and it is a normal part of your healing process. You will have no trouble driving home and going about the rest of your day normally. It’s unlikely that anyone will notice you’ve had your eyeliner permanently done except for possibly those you know very well.

Days 2-3: Your color will darken temporarily as the pigment oxidizes and thin scabs will form.

You may wake up slightly puffy but you can remedy this by sleeping on an incline or applying a cool compress. Your eyeliner will feel tight and dry, but not painful.

Days 3-5: Your eyeliner will begin flaking until there is no scabbing left.

You want to allow healing to shed naturally. Once all scabbing has finished flaking, it is common for the color to appear lighter than it will eventually heal. This lighter color is only temporary as your freshly healed skin is hiding the true color underneath. Over the next several weeks your eyeliner color will bloom.

Day 42: At 6 weeks your eyeliner is fully healed.

It’s now okay for you to come back in for your follow up. Any adjustments such as darkening the color or altering the shape can be done at this appointment.

Eyeliner before care

Please don’t wear any makeup (at least around your eye area). Avoid alcohol for 24hrs before your appointment. Alcohol can thin the blood, which can cause the skin to be hypersensitive, and bleed/ bruise easily.

Avoid blood thinning medications for 72hrs before your appointment. This includes ibuprofen, aspirin and fish oil tablets. Please consult your doctor if this is an issue.

Eyelash extensions have to be removed at least 3 days before the procedure.

Eyelash growth serums like Latisse bring extra circulation to the area which results in more growth of hair/lashes. This can cause the skin in that area to be hypersensitive and bleed easily. It is recommended to discontinue the use of these products at least 3-6 months before your treatment.

You may like to take an antihistamine tablet before your procedure. This can help reduce the swelling and watery eyes during the treatment. Consult with your pharmacist or doctor first.

Contact lenses need to be removed for this procedure and should not be replaced for a minimum of two hours after. It is advised to bring a pair of glasses for the drive home or arrange transport.

🔴 Skin before and aftercare 

Acnes facial : 


Fibroblast plasma 


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